Türkiye Scholarships Applications

Doha Büyükelçiliği 02.03.2015

Applications for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs of Türkiye Scholarships Started by February 25th.

The application to Türkiye Scholarships programs is online and totally free process.

Candidates can apply only one scholarship program in accordance with their educational background and academic goals.

Türkiye Scholarships include both scholarship and university placement at the same time. Applicants will be placed in a university and program among their preferences specified in the online application form.

Most programmes in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programmes in English or French. The candidates who want to study in these languages need to have an internationally recognized certificate to prove their language proficiency. Also, most of these foreign language programs may ask international admission test scores such as GRE, GMAT etc. Candidates can check the language of instruction while selecting the programs.

All Türkiye Scholarships winners who do not have C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency (including those who are placed into English or French-taught programs) must attend 1-year Turkish Preparatory Course.

Art and Sport Scholarship Programmes, available for the first time this year, is specifically designed to encourage the skilled international students in the fields of art and sport to study at undergraduate, master or PhD (proficieny in art) degree levels in the prestigious Turkish universities with opportunities of Türkiye Scholarships. Applicants selected to be funded take one-year Turkish Language Course covered by scholarship. Subsequently, they have to receive an acceptance from the relevant faculties of Turkish universities. Applicants are expected to have documents (official certificate, portfolio, etc.) to prove their success in the field they apply for.

Further information can be obtained athttp://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/…/tur…/egitim-icin-turkiye

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