Izmir Municipality's International Cartoon Competition "peace Through Children"

Doha Büyükelçiliği 11.06.2014

Objectives of the competition:

Sister and Friend Cities of Izmir gather around the International Cartoon

The competition is to be organized in order to contribute to the friendship ofcommunities with the creative power of culture and art as well as strengthen friendship tiesbetween cities. The theme of the competition, which will be held for the first time this year, isdetermined as “Children and International Peace” and the results will be announced on the 1stof September 2014, the World Peace Day.

Today, thousands of children lose their lives and are forced to leave their homelands due to wars. They become disabled, suffer from psychological problems and they areabused. In wars, mostly children die first and for those who survive; they don’t smile anymoresince their dreams, hopes and future are taken away from them. Every child has the right togrow up in peace regardless of their color, language, religion and ethnic origin.

Ensuring thisis the joint responsibility of humanity.With this consciousness, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality would like to invite thecartoonists living in our sister and friend cities to participate in the competition; we believethat their works will increase the sensibility and awareness for peace.

Rules of Participation:

 The International Cartoon Competition with the theme of “Children and InternationalPeace” organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is open to all cartoonists.

 Competitors who are under the age of 18 must participate in the competition with thepermission of their parents. A document, which shows the acceptance of theconditions, must be signed by the parents and submitted to the Organizing Committee

 Each competitor is allowed to participate in the competition with maximum 5cartoons. The cartoons that will be sent to the competition may have been publishedpreviously; but had not been awarded from a competition. The cartoons that are foundout to be rewarded before will be disqualified and the prize will be taken away.

 Participants who send cartoons to the competition are considered to have declared andcommitted that these works belong to themselves. Izmir Metropolitan Municipalitydoes not accept any responsibility for permission and copyrights about theparticipants’ cartoons.

 The cartoons can be used on different platforms (brochure, exhibition, periodicals,calendar, etc.) with the artist's name by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Participantsare considered to have accepted these conditions beforehand.

 Transportation and accommodation expenses of the winners will not be covered byİzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The prizes of the winners who could not attend theaward ceremony will be deposited to their bank accounts.

 The cartoons which are found to be the most creative by the jury will be exhibited andwill be put into an album. The cartoonists of all the exhibited cartoons will be offeredor /sent the album after the award ceremony.

 The cartoons that do not comply with the terms and conditions of the competition willbe cancelled and disqualified from the competition.
Digital Delivery of the Cartoons

 Applications will be sent via internet. Participants must fill in the application form onwww.izmir.bel.tr and click on the “Cartoon Competition” to upload their cartoons.

 The cartoons must be sent in RGB color, 300 DPİ resolution and JPG format. Anycompressor programs such as ZIP or RAR cannot be used.

 The original of the awarded cartoon will be asked to be sent by post.

Competition Calendar

Commencement: 20 March 2014

Deadline for application: 1 August 2014

Announcement of the Results: 20 August 2014

Award Ceremony: 1 September 2014

Championship:$1000 and Plate
Second Prize:$750 and Plate
Third Prize:$500 and Plate

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