Turkish Embassy in Doha

Info Notes

Pre-Application System for Turkish Sticker Visa, 01.06.2016

As of January 5, 2016, Turkish visa application system has been changed. According to the new system, all visa applications for Turkey must be made online through the www.visa.gov.tr website. All preconditions and requested documents is available on the above-mentioned website.

According to the new regulation;

  • Health insurance to be valid during visiting to Turkey, will be requested.
  • After online visa application and getting appointment, the applicants should bring their all original papers with them to the Embassy on their appointment date.
  • Visa fees should be paid cash to the Embassy.
  • Without online visa application and appointment, the applications will not be accepted by the Embassy.

The Embassy kindly requests from all the visa applicants to take into consideration the new regulations and make the visa application at least 30 days before the travel date.

Requirements for Turkish Sticker Visa:
  • Original Passport, valid for at least six months with one copy
  • Completed visa application form (provided the new visa system mentioned above)
  • Non-refundable visa processing fee (219 QR for single and 730 QR for multiple entry visas)(needed by cash)
  • One photo of the applicant (White background) (50x60mm)
  • Documents supporting the purpose and the conditions of the planned visit
  1. Travel itinerary/round trip ticket reservations showing return to Doha
  2. Hotel reservation covering the duration of stay in Turkey with payment guarantee
  3. Letter of invitation (not needed if Hotel reservation available)
  • For non-Qataris, a valid residence permit with one copy
  • For non-Qataris, a sponsor’s (company) letter mentioning salary, position and duration of employment
  • If the person applies for a business visa, an invitation letter from the counterpart company in Turkey is also required
  • Bank statement of the salary account for the last 3 months, stamped by the bank.
  • Health insurance to be valid during visiting to Turkey.