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Ambassador Ahmet Demirok Gave An Interview To “lusail” Newspaper , 21.07.2016

Ambassador Ahmet Demirok gave an interview to “Lusail” newspaper regarding the failed coup attempt.


“Lusail Daily


Ambassador Ahmet Demirok to Al Lusail Daily:


The political situation is fully under control of the democratically elected government of Turkey after the failed coup attempt. The business community in Turkey are showing their support for the government and are continuing their daily businesses as usual. Turkish Central Bank, took necessary steps to minimize the adverse effects of the failed military coup attempt, including unlimited liquidity. 


In this regard, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde confirmed that quick action taken by Turkey’s Central Bank and other agencies has helped to calm financial markets after the coup attempt.


Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Mehmet Şimşek declared that Turkish economy will not suffer permanently from the failed coup attempt, despite a short-lived, downward impact on growth. He also said Turkey’s macroeconomic fundamentals were solid and the government would swiftly shift its focus back to carrying out structural reforms.


The effects on the economic projects of this attempted coup will be short-lived. Turkish economy’s fundamentals remains the same today as they did on Friday, before the coup and Turkey’s economy will survive any short-term shocks from the failed coup attempt. Necessary steps are also underway to minimize the effects of these events on Turkish tourism.


The aviation traffic returned to normal very shortly after the coup attempt failed. In a statement, the national flag carrier Turkish Airlines declared that, with the resumption of their flights to and from the United States of America by July 19 2016, all Turkish Airlines flight schedule will be back to normal.”

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