Ahmet Demirok 10.05.2016

Dear Minister,

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished Guests,

It is my distinct privilege to welcome you all at the ‘Reflect Your Light with Kutnu’ Fashion Show which is organized under the patronage of Dr. Sare Davutoğlu, Spouse of Prime Minister of Turkey. Today, we will have a chance to raise the global understanding of peace through one of the most important elements of the Silk Road, Kutnu.

Kutnu has been uniquely produced in Gaziantep, Turkey since the 16th century. This special fabric symbolizes social harmony and peace. I can see that its history that goes back to ages and its quality of uniting reflects the wisedom of the East. Its breath-taking colours and wonderful lines will make you think that differences can be beautifully bridged and melted in a single pattern.

Today unfortunately, 60 million people has been displaced due to wars, violence and crisis. Our region desperately needs a vision of peace and global understanding as never before. Situated in a disaster-prone geography, Turkey’s land has historically been moulded with humanitarianism.

Based on such heritage, we endeavour for enhancing regional and global peace and welfare and have always extended our caring hand to those in need. I believe that this Project will be a light towards peace and will prove how arts contribute to the awakening of consciousness in this regard.

Dear Guests,

I know you cannot wait to watch the collection but let me take a few more seconds to pay tribute to our partners.

I would like to thank Qatari authorities in the first place for their kind support. I am also thankful to Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) that have been the main organizator.

I would particularly like to extend my gratitude to Her Excellency Sare Davutoğlu for driving this project so far and actively supporting it.Last but not least, I would like to pay tribute to Ms Rabia Yalçın, one of the globally renowned Turkish fashion designers, for this unique and timeless collection.

I wish you have a great night.

Thank you


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