Ambassador’s Speech Regarding The Foiled Coup Attempt And Fetullah Gulen Terrorist Organization On The Occasion Of Briefing To The Heads Of The Accredited Diplomatic Missions And Offices Of International Organizations To The State Of Qatar.

Doha Büyükelçiliği 15.08.2016

Your Excellencies, Dear Colleagues,

  • First of all, I would like to thank you for participating this meeting which aims to brief you about the foiled coup attempt in Turkey. After my speech, I will be glad to answer your questions.

  • Let me summarize what happened:

  • On the evening of July 15th, a clandestine faction led by Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETO) within the Turkish Armed Forces attempted to stage a coup. This was more than a treacherous plot: It was a terrorist campaign to overthrow the democratically elected government, the President and the constitutional order of Turkey.

  • On the evening of July 15, Turkish people lived through an ordeal that was unprecedented in Turkish history: The Bosphorus Bridge was closed by tanks and unarmed protesters were shot and killed at the very same spot. Tanks rolled on the streets, running over people. Attack helicopters fired at civilians protesting the coup attempt. Fighter jets bombed the Parliament, the Presidential Palace and the police headquarters. An elite squad was sent to assassinate the elected president. The terrorist plotters also raided major media outlets private or state, either to force them to announce the messages of the coup plotters or to silence them.

  • The attempt failed, leaving behind more than 240 dead and in excess of 1,500 wounded.

  • It was the people of Turkey from all backgrounds and political views who overcame the plot. They displayed a historic solidarity as they stood bravely in front of the tanks and reclaimed their democratic rights. The Turkish media also played a key role in foiling the coup attempt.

  • United together against this violent conspiracy, all the political parties and Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly stood firmly by democracy, legitimate democratic institutions and the Constitution. A Joint Declaration in defense of democracy was issued during the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly on the 16th of July.

  • Turkey is now united in a spirit that has not been witnessed since the foundation of the Republic.

  • Foiling of 15 July coup attempt by the Turkish people from all walks of life has been a milestone in Turkey’s democracy history.

  • 7 August rally in Istanbul which gathered more than 3 million people from all political backgrounds was another historic and unprecedented milestone for Turkish democracy.

  • The rally was unprecedented not only by the record number of participation. It was also the first political rally bringing together the President, the Prime Minister, and the leaders the main opposition parties.

  • The rally demonstrated not only the staunch and united position of Turkish people against the coup attempt. It also showed that the Turkish people and all the mainstream political parties are united in the conviction that Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization was the culprit of this foiled, despicable attempt.

  • This was not a picture which the perpetrators of the failed coup attempt had expected.

  • We hope that the international community has heard loud and clear the messages given by millions of people and all major political parties in this rally.

  • The Turkish nation has thwarted the most violent act of terror and treason against its democratic institutions on the night of 15/16 July. It is only natural for the Turkish State to now take all necessary measures within the limits of its constitution in order to counter this terrorist group and to protect its democracy.

  • In the face of grave and violent attacks against the national security and FETO terrorist organization’s infiltration everywhere, as closely manifested during its coup attempt on 15 July 2016, the declaration of the State of Emergency was deemed necessary.

  • The Republic of Turkey is aware of its obligations related to democracy, human rights, the principle of rule of law and international conventions in this process and as in the past, due respect will be shown to fundamental rights and freedoms and the principle of supremacy of law will be strictly observed.

  • The 15 July coup attempt was also an attack to the military-security capacity ofTurkey,amidst our fight against terrorism as before including the fight against the PKK and DEASH.

  • Resilience of the Turkish people averted the coup andwe continue our fight against terrorism as before. We continue to deportforeign terrorist fighters, share and process intelligence on DEASH and are vigilant about the violent attempts of PKK.

  • Now, allow me to share some information about Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organizaton/ FETO

  • Fetullah Gülen is a preacher with no religious scholastic background, a graduate of primary school. He established his movement in early 1970’s.

  • Now, Gülen lives in the USA / Pennsylvania and runs, through clandestine networks, a huge empire consisting of educational institutions, companies, media centers and civil society associations.

  • The FETO is a "sui generis" criminal organization.

  • “Concealment” is the key tactic of Fetullah Gülen.

  • The secretive and nefarious Gülen group is trying to deceive public opinion by showcasing itself as a proponent of interfaith dialogue and peaceful co-existence among cultures. However, this is just a window-dressing. In reality, this is a hate speech group or sect, prone to religious radicalism.

  • On appearance, F. Gülen heads a civil movement called “Hizmet “(Service).

  • Again on appearance, “Hizmet” is a moderate, tolerant, non-violent and pro-dialogue social movement.

  • The variety of associations in media, education, humanitarian work, printing and banking sector, business associations etc. were established first in Turkey and later in different parts of the world.

  • Under the guise of legitimate social service efforts, Gülen and his followers gained access to vast financial resources, human capital, political and social influence.

  • In fact, the members of FETO have infiltrated all critical state institutions in Turkey: Armed forces, police, intelligence, judiciary, central bank, treasury, etc.

  • The FETO then used this vast network, first through covert then recently overt action, to advance its anti-secular and perverted hidden agenda and to take over the Turkish state.

  • At present, the Group continues to use its influence over certain media outlets for a defamation campaign in order to distort the efforts by the democratically elected Government and the Turkish judiciary to bring justice for the victims of their crimes.

  • It is ironic that the Gülen Group and its backers who aimed to overthrow a democratically elected government through a violent coup are now trying to misrepresent Turkey's efforts to establish law and order, and to serve justice as political crackdown or an attempt to suppress political dissent.

  • The Gülen Group acted as a wolf in sheep's clothing for a very long time. It has disguised itself and its intentions well from the outset.

  • Turkey had been constantly warning friends and allies about the real motives and hidden agenda of this terrorist group and its leader, Fethullah Gülen. The treacherous coup plot has revealed the real face of Fethullah Gülen and his sinister organization. That means FETÖ terrorist organization is a threat not only for Turkey, it is also serious threat in the countries they have institutions.

  • It is now crystal clear that the Gülen Group (FETÖ) was behind the coup attempt in Turkey. It was led by a network of military officers of varying ranks who are affiliated with the Group. It was also supported by non-military individuals and groups known to be affiliated to Gülen.

  • Recent testimonies of those who played key roles in the plot all point to this direction. There are other crucial findings as well.

  • Currently F. Gülen himself is the "prime suspect" in 55 different criminal indictments.

  • The recent probes into the activities of the FETO by Public Prosecutor’s Office have shown that under the banner of service, tolerance and humanitarian organizations, FETO and Fethullah Gülen have established and managed an illegal organization,

*exposing confidential information belonging to state for political or military espionage purposes,

*violating the confidentiality of private life,

*unlawful recording of personal information,

*forgery of official documents, fabricating crimes,

*destroying evidence,

*money laundering.

  • The 15 July coup attempt has revealed the true colors of FETO. We are faced with an organization that has dared to attempt to take over the Turkish State by the use of arms; an organization that does not hesitate using terrorist methods and killing people.

  • Turkey is determined to take all necessary measures within the limits of the rule of law respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms, in full observance of its international obligations to counter this organization and urges the international community to do their part in eliminating this security threat.


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